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Chinese Contemporary gallery first opened in 1996 in London and has since expanded to include two spaces in Beijing and New York respectively. In addition to being the first gallery in the West dedicated to contemporary Chinese art, Chinese Contemporary was the fourth gallery to open at Factory 798, which has grown from an artists' studio hideaway to become the centre of contemporary Chinese art and culture in Beijing.

The gallery’s main focus is to show works by the Chinese avant garde, post 1989. It has an exhibition programme which shows a complete spectrum of media from paintings to photos, performances, ink on paper and videos. The gallery specialises in artists living and working in mainland China as it believes these artists are closely in tune with the considerable changes their country is undergoing which is reflected in their art. It is a world historical situation where a communist government reigns over a vibrant market economy and provides rich ground for artistic creation. Having given first solo exhibitions to many of the now famous artists, the gallery continues
to seek out new, young, talented artists that represent the ever changing face of 21st century China.

Han Yajuan | Hong Hao | Huang Rui | Li Li | Luo Brothers | Ma Liuming | Wang Guangyi | Wang Ke | Wu Junyong | Xue Song | Yue Mingjun | Zhang Dali| Zhang Shuang | Zhang Xiaogang | Zhao Bo | Zhou Chunya | Zhou Nan | Zhu Ming | & Others

Opening hours:
Daily 11am – 7pm



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