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Digital Generation
by Galerie Paris-Beijing
Location: Galerie Paris-Beijing
Artist(s): YANG Yi, LIU Ren, MALEONN, YANG Yongliang, JIANG Pengyi, CHEN Nong
Date: 7 Feb - 1 Apr 2010

Galerie Paris-Beijing is glad to present a wide selection of photographs from six emerging Chinese artists. Born in the seventies and children of the Reform Policy, they have embraced the digital techniques to serve a conceptual photography.


Witness of China huge transformation, they are from a generation for whom construction and destruction are the completing heads of an accelerated development that has affected particularly the big cities. In Jiang Pengy’s sprawling metropolis and Yang Yi’ and Yang Yongliang’s immerged cities, they show us a horrifying futurist vision in which humans are progressively marginalized. If they still go about their daily occupations in Yang Yi’s photographs, they disappeared from the ruins of Jiang Pengyi and the snow landscapes of Yang Yongliang.


Others take us to some more personal worlds, drawing their inspiration on dreams and collective imagination. Thanks to digital resources, some strange and dreamlike worlds appear before our eyes. From Maleonn’s kingdoms to Liu Ren’s fantasies, a wild imagination sets up a metaphorical narrative framework, often tainted with a hint of irony.


Taking acknowledges from traditional photography, Maleonn, Yang Yi and Jiang Pengyi use medium format camera. Most of them are also multidisciplinary artists. A painter and a calligrapher, Yang Yongliang also makes videos. A former film director, Maleonn thinks up the costumes of his characters and recolours his photographs by hand in post-production. 


Testimony to a great command of visual and scenic languages, these artists present an unedited and constantly renewed visual experience. They captivate and question our perception of reality, enlightening the labyrinth of our spirits and query us about visions of future we are currently building. 


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