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Arario Seoul
84 Bukchon-ro 5-gil
Jongro-gu, Seoul
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We Are Concern about Nothing
by Arario Seoul
Location: Arario Gallery Seoul
Artist(s): Eko NUGROHO
Date: 1 Oct - 3 Nov 2013

Arario Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Eko Nugroho for the first time in Korea. The globally well-known artist with the exhibition at Centre Gerorges Pompidou, participation in Venice Biennale, and collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Nugroho is one of notable Indonesian artists. The new exhibition at Arario Gallery features sculpture, painting, embroidery, and large scale mural .

Nugroho's paintings are portraits of unknown people in strong and florid lines with texts. Texts consist of short paragraphs, which are a metaphor for surrounding environment and system deciding condition of a life, such as society or politics.

Eko Nugroho is known with his work reflecting socio-political issue in Indonesia after collapse of the regime of President Suharto. With innocent and fresh view for human nature, his work shows voice of Indonesian society pursuing major identity. In their society after the age of dictatorship, democracy was a new hope to minority, and the artist started working on that time. He raised a question for individuality prohibited by the society and hypocrisy.

"It becomes more difficult that people are different. The society does not like difference. I am afraid that individual becomes an exhibit at the museum."

However, the artist uses a speech ballon for humorous, sometimes strange and contradict dialogue, rather than criticism. Icons inspired by cartoon and doodle are expressed boldly and dynamically. But using tools like mask and helmet reminds of a concept of camouflage of concealment to emphasize adverse effect of human nature.

People expressed with dark and thick lines in his works remind of European art animation based on France in 1970-80s. Actually, he reflected the free and artistic atmosphere in Yogyakarta on cartoon, or created simple cell animation based on traditional shadow play and drawing. With unidentified background, characters adding various symbols are very attractive.

Courtesy of Arario Seoul 

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