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Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
#8503, Dashanzi Art District
4Jiu XianQiao Road, Chaoyang
Beijing, 100015, China
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The Third Exhibition of Cold Ink Art --Coming out of the closet
by Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
Location: Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing)
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 21 Dec 2014 - 19 Jan 2015

Tokyo Gallery+BTAP (Beijing) is very pleased to announce its first presentation of the artistic collective Cold Ink Art Group, tilted Coming Out of the Closet, opening on December 21st. This is the third exhibition for the Cold Ink group and the works by Li Sa, Fang Zhiyong, Jin Jinghua, Yu Yang and Kong Yan will be presented at the gallery.

Cold Ink Art Group is an artistic collective that was established in 2013 by young generation of artists, who were born in the 1970s and 80s, that completed their training at the Material Experimentation and Expression Studio of Central Academy of Fine Arts. For more than a year, Cold Ink Group has been seeking innovative ways to express their unique artistic vision. Acknowledging the strength of interplay of personalities, the collective strategically uses group discussion and peer curation, to transform individual practices and into a collaborative effort. Tokyo Gallery+BTAP’s ongoing mission is to discover and develop young artists who constantly pushes the boundaries of art practice. The presentation of Cold Ink resulted from Yukihito Tabata’s, the directorof Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, recognition of Cold Ink and embracement of the artistic exploration of these young artists.

The exhibition title Coming Out of the Closet signifies Cold Ink’s urgent desire to breakthrough the constraints, conventions and set values of contemporary art in China. Cold Ink has continued to focus on the medium of ink-wash. This is due to their strong desire to address the issues pertaining to the binary oppositions of classical and contemporary art, the fate of ink-wash and conflict between Chinese and Western culture. Cold Ink aims to explore the concept of ink-wash and further the discussion on contemporary art from a global perspective. By distancing them selves from the grand narrative and the ideological trend that pervades the art world in China, the group strives to structure its own foundation through its organization of practice.

The exhibition will showcase works of various media and installation pieces by Li Sa, Fang Zhiyong, Jin Jinghua, Yu Yang and Kong Yan. Li Sa will produce a large size installation piece that aims to transform the gallery space into an arena, in which his individual style and architectural environment produces a strong visual effect. His signature style of skeleton motifs evokes powerful imagery of resistance and antagonism. Yu Yang depicts the gradual change of color and consistency of the ink-wash. He will explore the concept “coming out” in tandem to the term “life ladder.” This term signifies liberation of the inner spirit and life. Fang Zhiyong delivers his own interpretation of “coming out” through the concept of door—— a door that conceals the complexity of human life. Jin Jinghua and Kong Yan will show their artistic expression from the perspective of intimacy and women. This exhibition differs from the previous exhibitions of Cold Ink. Despite the singular exhibition theme, artists take a different approach to it, and each vision are interwoven to produce a constant dialogue. The show reveals their interpretation of what “collective consciousness” mean in our contemporary time.

The show invites Mr. Xia Kejun as the exhibition’s academic director. In addition, Wang Yiting, Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Pang Huiying, independent curator, will serve as academic advisers. 

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