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Telescope Beijing
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Lonely Satellite, is a beautiful but technologically imposing object suspended above a pool of black glass surrounded by what looks like volcanic stones. The wing portions of the satellite resemble solar panels but play video reconnaissance of ancient ruins, as seen from far above. These forlorn landscapes depict a world where all of the anxieties of humanity have faded away into dust and silence. We wonder if this information has taken only minutes or thousands of years to collect,transport to a distant region of space,then be returned for analysis. Perhaps by the time of arrival no one is left to receive it or life and technology have changed so drastically that it is difficult to decipher its meaning. Looking from the outside into our world below Cheng’s satellite endlessly receives and transmits visual information from life or remnants of past life on earth below. Today’s commercial surveillance material is usually mundane and inconsequential, but for the Lonely Satellite floating in the dark recesses of space, it offers the endless possibility of finding clues to the mysteries of life and death and what it means to be human.


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