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Greetings from the gallery:

Broad cultural exchanges have occurred in between China and Korea over the course of history. With the current focus on Asian art from various Western countries it is time to promote Korean art internationally. I believe there is no other city to stage such as campaign better than Beijing, China. With such a focus in mind, PYO Gallery Beijing has opened its doors.

PYO Gallery's focus has always been promoting remarkable Korean artworks on an international level. At this time, we would like to broaden our program and add a new focus to our agenda, discovering and supporting noteworthy Chinese artists. As a result, Korean and Chinese artists will be able to collaborate their artistic visions at our gallery space on an efficient level.

We have put all out efforts in making our Beijing gallery a reality. With great encouragement, I believe the next global step will be effortless. I hope that you would enjoy our opening exhibition with great enthusiasm.


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