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Huan Tie Times Art Museum is located in one of the famous art districts——Huan Tie Art district. It neighbors on the 798 Art District, which is a well-known cultural and creative area, and the Movie Museum of China. Since the foundation of the museum, its excellent conditions and facilities have attracted hundreds of outstanding artists from around the entire country, and even from around the world to work here. It has become one of the famous artistic creation areas of Beijing. With the large number of artists’ studios, galleries, art institutions based on this area, it formed a professional platform of cultural and art exchanges, and has brought a high level of academic expertise and artistic quality to the Huan Tie Times Art Museum.
Huan Tie Times Art Museum was built in 2006, based on the academic development in the area. We took an active part in the promotion of Chinese modern art. We have attracted many artists with our unique architectural design, vision of academic development, platform of collection exchange, and display of Chinese contemporary art, and our mission is to guide and develop the cultural industry. We hope to explore new ways to develop our privately owned museum in future.
Huan Tie Times Art Museum was designed by a Korean architect. It has a reinforced brick structure, simple appearance, and modern style. The area of the museum is 2200 square meters, on two floors. The circumference of the museum is 500 meters. The space is roomy and bright. There are movable walls. It’s suitable for the requirements of any exhibition.
At present, Huan Tie Times Art Museum  has already successfully held: “She -- The Exhition of contemporary Female Artists”in March 2009 ,“Make An Appointment in 09 -- The Exhibition Of The Master Of Oil Paintings”in  December 2007,“Common ground 2008” in November 2008, “The Exhibition Of Chinese Ink And Wash Painting”In August 2008, “A-Sun Wu In Beijing” in May 2008,“To Worship Our Saint -- Sun Jianping’s works Exhibition”in April 2008,“Huan Tie Times, The Young Times”in March 2008, “Moving Socialist”in January 2008 ,“Vision——Huan Tie Times Jazz Party”in December 2007, “ Black and White Realism Literature”in August 2007, “To Walk Out of Song Zhuang” in August 2007, “Huan Tie Times Art -- First Contemporary Artists Nomination Exhibition” in June 2007, and so on. At the same time, Huan Tie Times Art Museum has acted as agent for the part of art works of the famous artists, eg. Dai Shihe, Ding Yilin, Bai Yuping, LeiShuang.

Huan Tie Times gallery is located in the north of the HuanTie Times Art Museum. It promotes the works of currently popular artists, can motivate the creative potential of artists, and exhibits high quality works,and holds artists’ salons and academic seminars in the long term. After great efforts, HuanTie Times Art Museum has successfully exhibited works of Wu Yong,Geng Xiaogang, Wu Yang, Li Yunyun, Chen Feng, Jiang Jing, Wang Pengfei and others. It has also held a successfully art salon of the famous Italian painter Sandro Trotti’s “Experience Impressionistic Style”, and received a good reputation by doing so.
Huan Tie Times Art Museum is the main business of Huan Tie Times Art District. It will be a comprehensive Art District with Art, Culture, Creativity, Ecology and Education. It at ends to be a high level modern art museum, and general contributes to the development of modern Chinese art museums.
At the same time, Huan Tie Times Art Museum emphasizes relationships with international art and culture, through exhibitions, academic communications and other forms to build a cooperative system, hopes to develop the international relationships of all the artists, art organizations, and try for maximum development possibility of chinese contemporary art in globalization environment.


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