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Since its establishment in 1990, the Chuan Cheng Art Center (CCAC) has been devoted itself to be the professional broker of Chinese paintings.

With the main principle of promoting the modern Chinese ink painting for the Chinese young artists, Chuan Cheng Art Center has developed a school of our own. The “NeoZhejiang school paintings” is a successful branch which refers to a group composed of the graduates from Zhejiang Academy of Fines Arts (now, renamed as China Academy of Fines Arts). Based on the accomplishment of senior painters in old generation, the artists has done their best to do more new researching ,instead of following the old generation step by step. As we realize, the characteristic of every artist’s works is different from any others, for every artist enjoys their exclusive aesthetic remarks. The representatives of “neozhejiang school paintings” are as follows, Zhuo Hejun, Han Likun, Chen Xiangxun,Gu Yingqing, Chu Hung, Zheng Li, Zhang Quan and so on.

Meantime, we also has focus on collecting the old generations’ works, such as Li Tiefu ,Hu Shanyu,  following the purpose of that grasp opportunity quickly, if not, everything will be lost. Standing on the center of Chinese oil painting history, Li Tiefu was the first to study abroad, what’s more, his contributions must not be neglected.

All above is our management and goal that keeping old generations’ art property while popularizing contemporary art. Recent years, we have invited some new artists to join us, such as, Zhang Jian, Gao Qian, Lei Miao, Deng Xianxian, Yang Yungao, Yi Yun, Zheng Yan, Wan Taifeng. Their styles are brief and modern, and they would be the new stars in Chinese painting world.



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