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Aye Gallery
Room 601, unit 3, Yong He Garden
Yard 3, Dong Bin He Road, An Ding Men
Dong Cheng District, Beijing, 100013, China   map * 
tel: +86 10 8422 1726     fax: +86 10 8422 1728
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by Aye Gallery
Location: Aye Gallery
Artist(s): CHEN Wenji
Date: 4 Dec 2011 - 4 Feb 2012

Chekhov once said,” A novelist is not the one to solve problem, but the one to ask questions.” If we convert the literature into painting, they should have the same meaning. In the artist’s perspective, everything is a problem. The artist is not necessary to assume the responsibility of answering when they are facing the powerless of questions. There is even no meaning to answer. It just prompts the existence of questions. Plainly speaking, art itself is already a problem.

On November 26, 2011, aye gallery will show you dozen of pieces of Chen Wenji’s latest works. These works remain his painting style in recent years, resulting different reaction of visual sense by different forms. There forms (or works) still don’t have any meanings, not represent anything, nor point to anything. Maybe they are nothing, but perhaps they are everything……

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