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PA TA Gallery was founded in 1987. It has built up a great reputation in the Art Gallery business. The founder, Mr. Hsu Tung-Lung, graduated from National Taiwan normal University Fine Arts department.


He is a master in jade carving, stone carving, and oil painting. He has won many awards and his works have been shown in many art exhibitions. In addition to his great art skills, his abundant experience of running ten different businesses makes his ability unique and original in appreciating art works, analyzing the operation of business, and appraising the art market. As a result, PATA Gallery is able to provide excellent customer consulting services and help clients design the best investment plans.


For instance, in 1996, PA TA Gallery started promoting art works of many overseas Chinese artists such as Zhu Yuan-Zhi, Zao Wou-Ki, and Chu The-Chun. In 2001, PA TA Gallery started to promote the art works of the first and second generation Chinese artists including Feng Gang-Bai, Yan Wen-Lian, Min Xi-Wen, Chang Zi-Zhang, Fei Yi-Fu, and Liu One. In 2004, Pata Gallery extended its scope to contemporary Chinese artists Wang Guang-Yi and Zeng Fan-Zhi. It shows how PA TA Gallery can precisely grasp the growth of artists and the trend of the art market. The long-term operation of overseas Chinese art business also led to a close interflow with some European and American art galleries, especially the famous galleries in Paris, France.


In June 2005, Mr. Hsu flew to Beijing to visit 798 Dashanzi Art District and realized that this district is run and administered by local artists. It started from a group of artists and developed gradually into the cradle of contemporary Beijing new art development. During the trip, Mr. Hsu enthusiastically visited over forty contemporary artists and witnessed the fruit of their ceaseless effort and persistence. Therefore, the founder is looking forward to connecting the art of China and Taiwan through the founding of Modern Hall in Beijing by PA TA Gallery.


The next step will be to connect Chinese art to international art field and promote brilliant contemporary Chinese artists and help them stand on the international stage.


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