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Hanart TZ Gallery
401, Pedder Building
12 Pedder Street
Central, Hong Kong   map * 
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Hanart 100: Idiosyncrasies -Conceptual Display
by Hanart TZ Gallery
Location: Hanart TZ Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 17 Jan - 15 Feb 2014

In celebration of Hanart TZ Gallery’s 30th anniversary, “Hanart 100: Idiosyncrasies” exhibition is jointly presented by Hanart TZ Gallery and the Hong Kong Arts Centre. There will be a curated selection of 100 significant art objects presented in a two-part exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Hanart Square, and a display on the conceptual framework at Hanart TZ Gallery. This diverse selection reflects an interpretation of Chinese modern art history that has engendered an academic project exploring the structure of the “Chinese contemporary”. The series of events is curated by Chang Tsong-Zung and Professor Gao Shiming together with researchers of the Institute of Contemporary Art and Social Thought, China Academy of Art.

The conceptual framework of the Exhibition is the ‘3 Art Worlds’, which includes the globalised capital world of contemporary art, the world of literati art and the world of socialist art. ‘3 Art Worlds’ is critical of the segmentation of history as it creates hierarchies of power, thus putting on a par art from the familiar global capital world, art that pays homage to tradition and art from the socialist world. The exhibition features works by Yu Youren, Luis Chan, Liu Kuo-sung, Xu Jiang, Zhou Chunya, Mao Xuhui, Sui Jianguo, Wang Guangyi, Zhang Xiaogang, Fang Lijun, Zeng Fanzhi, Tsang Tsou Choi, Wucius Wong and many more. Visitors will find calligraphy by Yu Youren, traditional Chinese landscape drawings by Huang Binhong, and important artworks ranging from propaganda posters from the period of Cultural Revolution, political pop art, to the most sought-after contemporary pieces.

Image: Monument to be the People's Heroes (Design Drawings)
Courtesy of Hanart Gallery

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