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Hanart TZ Gallery
401, Pedder Building
12 Pedder Street
Central, Hong Kong   map * 
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Weeds Studio presents: Inventing Dreams
by Hanart TZ Gallery
Location: WEEDS Studio, 2A Mai On Building, 19 Kung Yip Street, Kwai Chung, N.T.
Date: 19 May - 19 Jun 2012

Science and an are not that different when it comes to the nature and process of their creation Scientists and artists work in similar ways. They both have to make great efforts of labour and imagination in the process of creation; they create for creation's sake. striving for  and supremacy instead of serving practical purposes. Scientists and artists are. to e degree. the same kind of people. While the interests of the former lie in their own experiences that require logic in thinking. the locus of the letter is squarely on themselves - the world is perceived through their senses and expressed through the engagement of their bodies. Yet. as dreamers and idealists who keep e necessary distance from reality, they are able to work free from the restriction of practical conditions and moral codes. They are bona fide dream specialists.

Sigmund Freud believed that the function or dreams is to allow the release of repressed thoughts and impulses and the mind is at its most creative in the realm of dreams. Dreams made by scientists and artists are not necessarily narrative. nor do they function as an alter-sleep theatre. As professional dreamers. artists live in a dream-like state or consciousness. protecting their desires through precise technological operations.

The almost innate interest that men have in mechanical components is exemplified not only in their lave of building models. but also in their enthusiasm for tools and machines - along with their structured and complex nature comes a sensual side - reflecting certain male archetypes as well as e paradoxical need for complementing / compensating them. The employment of machine and technology is less an exercise of muscles and brawn and more a longing for the setter, more delicate qualities of the female.

Many at the participating artists of the exhibition are currently attending or have recently graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hang Kong. its all-mate line-up stands out as particularly unusual when there are more female students studying arts than their male counterparts in l-tong Kong. As well as a showcase of men's fascination with technology. this all~male presentation is also a screen for the projection or men's desires through logical, structured means and. less conspicuously. e recognition of or indemnity for the opposite gender.








All Participating Artists:
Silas FONG, Homan HO, Clive LAW Ki-hong, LI Ha-tik, Otto LI ,
Roy NG Tin-ho, SIU Wai-hang, TUNG Wing-hong, Soloman YU” (in alphabetical order)

Curated by Kurt Chan

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