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Hong Kong, 7 May 2008 – In a city where art has been reduced to a commodity, and where Mainland and Vietnamese artists crowd the art scene, New Art Lab – which opens its doors on 16 May at 27 New Street, Sheung Wan – promises to transform the artistic experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike – as well as the environmentally-minded.

Bringing together both established artists from the West as well as tomorrow’s brightest stars, New Art Lab will “bridge the gap between traditional galleries (which merely display art) and ‘artists at work’ – or the creative process,” says Norvel Hermanovski, an artist himself and the founder and creative guru behind New Art Lab.

“What Hong Kong needs is a new experience when it comes to art,” declares Hermanovski, who has run New York based Silver Hill Atelier, a decorative arts company since 1979, and has been active in Hong Kong since 2005.  “There are galleries everywhere, so what we’re offering is not just more of the same.  New Art Lab is a creative outlet – a place where fine art and decorative art actually work together side by side”.

Founding partner Fay Zinger (who was also Co-Founder of Silver Hill Atelier with Hermanovski in New York), states that what will separate New Art Lab from other galleries and make it truly unique is the amount they will bring together under one roof.  “No where else in Hong Kong, even Asia, will you find such a combination of ‘artists at work’ and on display. Using fine organic decorative materials, along with tools and instruction from Italy and USA, individuals can experience large-scale, multi-dimensional works with an innovative approach to limited editions of sculpture and paintings,” says Zinger. “The art is the product.  ‘Artists at Work’ has been our motto for many years.”

An important element of New Art Lab is that they will utilize organic decorative materials exclusively sourced from the US and Italy.  “We’re going to bring more sustainable materials to Hong Kong and the region and make them available on a retail level, and show innovative ways of using these products in decoration and artwork,” says Gordon Meier, Hong Kong-based Creative Director of New Art Lab.

Much of the work that Hermanovski and his group of artists have produced in New York and Hong Kong can been seen around town in the decoration of venues for high profile clients like Nobu, Hong Kong Disneyland and The Venetian, Macau.  “Working with architects, designers and private clients around the world, we embrace their concepts and spin them into great works of art and iconic installations.  This process has never been showcased in Hong Kong before, but it will be at New Art Lab,” Hermanovski affirms.

With an opening group-show next week of internationally recognized artists such as Donald Sultan, Dan Rizzie and Suzanne Benton, as well as a mix of contemporary and traditionally-styled artists from USA and Asia, New Art Lab promises to be an avenue of exposure for young talent, whose careers can be propelled ahead by showing side-by-side with world renowned artists.  “Running an atelier where artists train and refine their style is a natural feeder for New Art Lab.  In that way, New Art Lab is a very logical extension of Silver Hill Atelier.  We think art enthusiasts in Hong Kong will be challenged and invigorated by what we show them, and impressed by the environmentally correct methods we employ,” Hermanovski reveals.

At present, New Art Lab plans to hold at least 10 exhibitions and events a year.  In addition, there will be monthly seminars starting in the fall for all aspects of the decorative arts, which will be the first of their kind in Hong Kong.

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Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm


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