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CHU Teh Chun biography | artworks | events

1920 Born in Jiangsu Province, China
1935 Admitted to Hangzhou Academic Art College 1949 Moved from Nanjing to Taipei
1954 First solo exhibition at Zhongshan Hall in Taipei
1955 Left Taipei for France to achieve further accomplishments
1956 Attended Paris Spring Salon, won Silver Prize
1957 First solo exhibition in Paris
1963 Art Critic George Boudaille delivered important essay on the work of Chu Teh-Chun
1964 Invited to attend "International Modern graphic exposition" held by the Carnagy Museum in Pittsburg, USA
1969 Special halls for his works in Brazil -- St. Polo 10th International Graphic Exhibition
1979 Published by Mini Museum,written by Bo Ruan Yu, an authority on literary critics, composer and poet.
1982 Works created from 1955 to 1982 were exhibited in Andley.Mary Modern Art Gallery,France. Graphic exhibition of foreign citizen of Chinese origin held in HK art gallery. Works exhibited in the opening exhibiton of Dunken City, France
1983 Invited by HK chinese University as judge of the art bachelors 1984 Canvas exhibiton in Luxemburg's city-run theatre
1987 Retrospective exhibiton of Chu Teh-chun's work in the state-run historical museum, Modern France paintings exhibition held in the captial city hall of Isarel
1988 Solo exhibiton in the Modern art gallery in Belgium
1991 Canvas works showed in the FIAC special hall in Paris Modren art expo
1992 Created a lithograph in Barcelona, Spain
1993 Art critic, Pierre Cabanne, writes: "Tehchun's works are really some kind of natural release and a poetic dedication which is dithering and ardent, not restricted by those theories, rules and limitation of visions. By using the persuading lines, he makes his vivid characters appear from his inexact paintings as well as perfecting his fantasies and imaginations. It is really surprising that there is no perspective in the way that westerners use lines. He sees things from a distance, and then he creates multiple points, and uses superposition and multi-angles in his works. In 1999, he was honored as an Art Academician of France, the highest honor ever received by any Chinese artist in the international art world. Chu Teh-Chun made just a few lithographs, including this series of eight poetical renditions."


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