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Puerta Roja is the door to contemporary Latin art and objets d’art in Asia. It brings a fresh approach to enjoying and acquiring works of art by:

- exploring the links between Latin and Asian cultures through different means of artistic and aesthetic expression
- creating spaces where buying art is an inviting and interactive private or social experience
- leaving no corner of the home space “uncurated”
- valuing objets d’art, including wearable art works, for their inspiration, imagination, craftsmanship; and, as a highly individual means of the artist’s self expression

Puerta Roja represents and exhibits both established and emerging artists and designers through a diverse palette of private and social events that are suited to the artists’ work and that can provide a different and rewarding experience to buyers and collectors.

Whilst they work directly with a number of artists, they have an ‘open house’ approach. In order to cover the broad range of talented artists in Latin-America and ensure the best and most creative forums to display their art, Puerta Roja works with a selected number of partners including galleries, art dealers, designers, art organisations, foundations and event firms, primarily in Hong Kong and Mexico.

Puerta Roja will also invest in the primary market, arrange for commissions, source specific mandates, and intermediate in the secondary market.


Adriana Alvarez-Nichol is the first art specialist and dealer in Hong Kong dedicated to introducing Latin American artists and designers to the Asia-Pacific region.

Born in Mexico, but having spent her working life around the world, Adriana has always been passionate about the artists and craftsmen of her homeland. Although not formally educated in the art world, she has developed a deep interest and knowledge in Latin-American art, particularly from her home country. Through the years she has informally promoted Mexican art, and has acted as an intermediary on behalf of European buyers. These buyers have recognised her strong sense of aesthetics and ability to understand what someone looks for in a piece of art or design.

After relocating to Hong Kong, a country she has been close to for many years, she decided to set up Puerta Roja. This decision was made when she realised the limited access and exposure that collectors in Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific countries have to Latin American art. Collectors and those beginning to embark into the art world are already looking beyond Asian and European artists. As the cultural and commercial links between Asia and Latin-America grow, Adriana sees a great opportunity to open the door to this vibrant market.

Prior to setting up her own venture, her long career in investment and private banking took her to Europe, Asia- Pacific, USA, Africa and the Middle East. Her achievements culminated in being chosen one of the “Top Ten Most Powerful Women Outside of Mexico” by CNN - Expansion.

Social Responsibility

We believe that Social Responsibility is something every enterprise should take seriously, no matter how big or small, or the industry in which it operates. The art world is no exception. Every day we all make decisions that affect our communities and our environment and we should make a conscious choice. When our clients acquire a piece of art, we know they are not only acquiring inspiration or beauty but also a reaffirmation of their personal values. Whenever possible we will:

- Choose to work with artists that make a positive contribution to their community and social environment; for example, by establishing foundations to further the development of young artists; donating their artwork for public display and museums worldwide; contributing to global cultural exchange , and preserving ancient artistic techniques and craftsmanship.
- Encourage artists and designers who do not to use supplies or techniques that are unfriendly to the environment; and, if possible use natural or recycled materials. For example, we will not sell wearable art that uses coral or precious woods unless they are recycled.
- Support and provide international exposure to young artists from small communities alongside our more established ones.
- Focus a significant portion of our marketing spend on events with a charitable contribution in Asia and Latin America.
- Offset our travel and shipping carbon emissions.

“If the business community is expected to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility, then why not the cultural community?”

Professor Chris Wainwright, artist and acade

Legal Statement

Puerta Roja Limited respects the intellectual property of the artists included in this web page. Copyright of the artworks shown remain with the artists and is administered by Puerta Roja Limited, the artists’ agent or the artists themselves.

Images and documents from this website can only be used for educational and personal purposes; including potential clients requesting downloads to inform their purchasing decisions. Distribution of the images in any form is prohibited without the authorization of their legal owner. No reproduction for commercial use is authorized.

Although care has been taken in preparing the information and images contained on this site, we do not guarantee its accuracy and are not responsible for any errors or omissions or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on this website.
If you believe any content to be inaccurate, please contact us using the contact form.


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