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Agitator is a Hong Kong based Artists collective producing original, limited edition, mixed discipline artwork.  Agitator takes what it sees all around and agitates it.

Revel in the absurdity of everything!  Art should stimulate.  Ignite, not dull, the senses.  Perhaps beg a question, sometimes jar or invoke discomfort.  And arguably the visual aesthetic is the most immediate route to achieve this.

Agitator looks at the fabric of life and performs visual triage; creating entropic or harmonic tapestries by agitating the original state of things.

Some of Agitator’s techniques include juxtaposing, colour inversion, magnification or reduction, separation and dissection, multiplicity/seriality.  Agitator thinks counter-intuitively or disruptively to arrive at new destinations.  It’s a kind of psychological and optical alchemy, but without guidelines.

This is just Agitator’s perspective on a few things.  In this World where everyone is bombarded with stuff they couldn’t care less about, boxed or pigeon-holed into categories they have no desire to fit into, pressured to conform, to be content with a commoditised state, follow social norms…..  Then, well, then it’s the sanctuary and infinite space residing at the extremes and edges where creativity and personality can express and run free….. and there’s no better place to be.

As an old piece of anonymous graffiti states:  “Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality”


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