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Antoinette ROZAN biography | artworks | events

French sculptor Antoinette Rozan was born in Paris in 1970. She is currently living and working in Hong Kong. She is part of the fifth generation of a family with a long lasting artistic tradition (painters, engravers and architects).

Following her graduation in business studies, she moved to Hong Kong where she worked for Cartier from 1994 to 1997. Back to Paris, she worked in luxury accessories. In 1998, Antoinette discovered sculpture, and the same time she developed a great interest for the theories of expression of the mind through the body.

From 2001 onwards, she dedicated herself to sculpture. “The day I touched clay, I felt alive… I discovered a rare and precious means of expressing my deep-rooted passion for life.” She perfected her techniques via courses with professional sculptors.

The beginning of the year 2006 marked Antoinette’s return to Hong Kong. She worked on her art, sharing her passion through teaching. At the same time, she set-up ”Terre-Happy”, a programme based on an “Art-therapy” method. The aim of this is to work towards a better understanding of one’s personal issues by expressing them through the medium of the clay, dialogue and symbolic acts.

Antoinette’s sculptures reflect strong emotions and deliver a message about the sheer essence and the instinct of life: vitality, life force and energy. Some of her sculptures are related to her personal journey into her own feelings and emotions. Others reflect a free spirited message of love, peace and joy, a positive energy for full accomplishment. Influence by Chinese art, she works on light and shadow, emptiness and fullness.

Her recent works include a commission from the French government for the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences based in Central Hong Kong.

Education and Background
Learnt under sculpture masters Philippe Chazot and Berrit Hilde, France
Worked in atelier, Aix-en-Provence, France
1998- 2002    
Project Manager, designer of accessories, Paris, France
Communications, Cartier Ltd, Hong Kong

Selected Exhibitions and Current Works
"Alight": the 7th chakra light, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong
"Sculpture of Hong Kong sea": A monumental sculpture on the beach made on site, Hong Kong
BODW: Energy Dance, Inspiration Hall of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
DETOUR, BODW events, Hong Kong
Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai Fair, Shanghai
“from 2D to 3D”, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong
French Consulat commission work, Hong Kong
“Reach for the Art”, a charity group exhibition beneficial to Art in Hospital, Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong
Selected for the French Consulate new year card visual: the French Consul of Hong Kong officially "Friend_Ships"
"Tribes", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong
"Be Here Now", Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong   
Aix en Provence, France: Duo Exhibition, a painter and a sculptor in Provence.


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