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Liquid Architecture: The Art & Science of Ferrofluid
by I/O (Input/Output)
Location: I/O (Input/Output)
Artist(s): Sachiko KODAMA
Date: 2 Dec - 19 Dec 2011

After bringing in quirky Japanese group, Maywa Denki, UK artist Troika and Dominic Harris, Input/Output presents yet another stimulating solo exhibition by Japanese artist, Sachiko Kodama this December. In recent years, art and science is often discussed in international forums and new media artist, Sachiko Kodama uses this theory of science, technology and the interactive nature of a material known as “Ferrofluid” formed by black magnetic fluid to build a dynamic three-dimensional sculpture.

Ferrofluid is a fluid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. This technique enabled Kodama to create a more complex, life-like three-dimensional sculpture with fluid material. The inspiration of her artwork comes from life and nature. The organic forms, geometry and symmetry observed in plants and animals are important inspirational factors when considering kinetic and potentially interactive art forms in Kodama’s development of art pieces.

In this solo exhibition, Input/Output will show the development of ferrofluid in Kodama’s works. Since 2001, Kodama partnered with Minako Takeno in the making of Protrude, Flow which is an interactive installation that expresses the flexibility and dynamics found in the physical make up of fluid. Pursuing simpler scientific principles, Kodama tries to use the strength of only one magnetic field that can control the flow of changes in multiple forms. Other works include 2 video pieces “Breathing Chaos” and “Art and Science of Ferrofluid” which audience can further understand the aesthetic of the magnetic fluids. And lastly, the exhibition highlight is “Morpho Tower” which she has been developing since 2006. The movement of the ferrofluid in “Morph Tower” represents signs of life.

Her creative use of unique materials has allowed her to be invited to Ars Electronica Center Linz, Austria, Taiwan National Museum of Art, Tokyo Science Museum and the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Her artworks continue to exhibit internationally and received excellent reviews.

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