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1a Space
Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village,
63 Ma Tau Kok Road,
Kowloon, Hong Kong   map * 
tel: +852 2529 0087     fax: +852 2529 0072
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1a space, founded in 1998, is an independent, non-profit making contemporary visual art organization and art venue founded by a collective of Hong Kong artworkers. It aims to promote the critical dissemination of contemporary visual arts practices and affiliated artforms through 1a space programme drawn from Hong Kong and international arena.

1a space is operated by the Program Committee, governed by a Board of Directors and augmented by an Advisory Panel of local and international artworkers. Operation funding of 1a space has been assisted by grants and private donations. 1a space's administration is partially supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Throughout the years, 1a space has developed a reputation as Hong Kong's leading contemporary visual art organization. 1a space has produced and organized more than 90 exhibitions and activities, and has been active in international exchange, cultural activities and festivals, as well as interactive community arts, arts education, arts criticism and publications. 1a space has played a vital role in developing new frontiers for the visual art scene in Hong Kong and abroad. One of its major achievements has been to establish contemporary visual art within a wide viewing public, making it more popular and accessible.

Forward-looking Programs in Visual Arts
1a space has organized quality and forward-looking programs that feature a wide spectrum of contemporary visual arts. Through the operation of the gallery and the organization of projects, 1a space means to create an ideal environment for artists to exhibit with open access and freedom of creation. At the same time, it seeks to elevate the standard of art curatorialship, enhance the professional development and standing of artworkers, and to nurture local art audiences by facilitating the understanding of contemporary art practices and make accessible to a wider public. It is hoped that critical thought can be nurtured and will lead to enrichment and reconsideration of art media.

Experimentation in Programming
The first exhibition venue of 1a space was set up in 1998 in an old government warehouse at Oil Street, North Point. The inaugural project 'National Museum or Gallery?' defined the tone of 1a space's approach in programming. With a television commercial as a prologue, curators, gallery directors and critics were invited to respond to the then state of art system in Hong Kong, and to comment on the hidden agenda of public (national museum) and private (gallery). In January 2000, the original site being retrieved, 1a space moved and temporarily maintained only an office space. 'justaspace', held six months later, invited curators and artworkers to come up with exhibition proposals and power under a changing Hong Kong cultural environment.

Among the more than 90 exhibitions and activities, 1a space determined to feature various programmes which adopted curatorial leading approach, collective creative approach, artist oriented approach and cross-disciplinary approach. In 2005, we have organized a series of photography exhibition, 'Muse Gaze', 'Collective Space' and 'Walk! Don't Run', which aroused discussions on artistic, social and cultural issues. 'Matter Dis-matter', 'Sculpture Non-sculpture', 'Painting Un-painting' in 2004 was a back-to-basic series focus on and re-interpret a specific artform. 'Corner of Dialogue', an exhibition series started in 2002, has engaged experienced and emerging artists in dialogue through exhibition.

To provide an exhibition and dialogue platform for artists of different stages is an objective of 1a space. 'Treeļ¼ŽMan' (2003) is a selected retrospective and exhibition of new work by veteran artist Danny Yung. In 2004, we support experienced and professional individual artists through solo exhibitions, such as Kum Chi Keung's 'Flying Library', Leung Mei-ping's 'In Search of Insomnious Sheep' and Young Hay's 'Trespassing- Digital Interaction'. We also place strong emphasis on facilitating the production of works by emerging artists, 'Three Pieces of Thousand Layers Pudding' (2005), 'In flash!' (1999 & 2000), 'Expectation to Expectation' (2001), young artists were at the centre stage.

1a space also emphasis cross-media and cross-disciplinary projects which throw new light on contemporary visual art practices, originated from different artforms and went towards a dialectic re-interpretation of the media. They are 'Visible Sound/ Time Machine' (2004), 'Frame Work' (2003), 'Un Double' (2003), Meat (2002), 'Triple Play' (2002), 'Paintings-Figures-Paintings' (2002), 'Damage' (2000), 'Video Ensemble' (1999), 'All You Can Eat' (1999), 'SiXhibition' (1999), ' Too Much, Too Little, Too Late ' (1999) and 'Painting HK' (1998).

International Exchange and Artist-in-Residence Programs
In 2005, co-presented by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, 1a space presented a Bilateral Cultural Exchange Project Woman/Traveler between Hong Kong and Leeds, UK. It included seminars and exhibitions 'If Hong Kong, A Woman Traveller' and 'Schema: A Traveller's Approach'. In 2001, 1a space initiated 'IN-BETWEEN: International Conference'- Exhibit Program on independent art space, which invited over 30 artworkers from 15 cities to Hong Kong. The project gave birth to the first international network of art spaces in Asia. IN-BETWEEN will continue in the form of conference and art exchange, to be hosted in different cities.

Opening hours:
2pm - 8pm  Closed on Mon and holidays


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