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Having enjoyed a privileged position in the forerunning of Contemporary Chinese Art, since our establishment in 1992, we strive in ardent zeal to promote and advocate the exposure of Contemporary Chinese Artists. We are professionally recognised as an established platform from which contemporary artists launch themselves into the Art scene. We have nurtured unprecedented international interest in the Chinese contemporary artistic motion, representing some of the finest new talent to come out of China, by exhibiting works by pioneers in Chinese Avant-Garde, Neo-Realism, and Pop Art collectively. Our aesthetic focus pivots on a strong emphasis on figurative art, visually echoing the volatile quality of China's changes on a socio-economic-political level. In what is undeniably a cultural fortitude, our affinity with the imaginative value of an empathetic representation of human sensibility allows our eclectic selection of Contemporary art to communicate a curious sense of nostalgic Nationalism.

Our philosophy, as a gallery, owes much in bereavement to our late founder, Manfred Schoeni, who relentlessly led our exploration of ambitious progression, in the Contemporary Chinese Art scene, with passion and vision. Our success has flourished over the past 12 years due to active participation in countless international exhibitions and an extensive array of publications, which have contributed further to our role of promoting and documenting an accessible understanding to the innately cloistered nature of Chinese cultural expression. Aesthetically, we reach towards an ideal towards the feats of human imagination that bring us closer to the intimate dialogue between voice and vision. Acting as a landmark of artistic endeavour, we have enjoyed our role as a springboard closer to home from which young artists can further their quest in recognition and inspiration. Our art is a dynamic hybrid product of Eastern sensibility and expression steeped in Western logic and understanding. As a gallery we seek to exert greater exposure to how the two cultures have forged an artistic liaison.

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