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Fabrik Gallery
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Ms. Interpretation
by Fabrik Gallery
Location: Fabrik Contemporary Art
Artist(s): Daniel dela CRUZ
Date: 8 Dec 2011 - 21 Jan 2012

Fabrik Contemporary Art is very proud to present a first solo presentation of 22 sculptural works by Filipino artist Daniel dela Cruz.

Entitled “Ms.Interpretation” dela Cruz’s ninth solo exhibition aims to depict his lighthearted view on his favorite subject; women. Dela Cruz’s most compelling inspiration as an artist. In “Ms.Interpretation” he seeks captures the ethereal and profound qualities of women by transforming them into works of art that evoke energy and repose, charm and beauty, and the perpetual course of discovery which is part and parcel of figuring out the “woman”.

Born in 1966 in Metro Manila, the young dela Cruz was expected to study Law or Medicine—disciplines that were highly regarded by earlier generations which considered the pursuit of art as a frivolous vocation. But after earning his degree in Philosophy from the University of the Philippines, dela Cruz pursued his love for the arts. He started as a commercial product designer and was equally regarded for his undaunted use of diverse materials. Dela Cruz relates, “At that point, I was already exposed to a lot of materials such as wood, ceramics and resin because of the nature of my profession. I realized, however, that I did not want to work with materials I typically encounter in my line of work and are geared for mass production. So I chose to work with metal. One of the most difficult materials to work with in art, ensuring that each piece I make is one of a kind”.

Each piece is individually and painstakingly made by hand from small strips of brass and other metals, using multiple working techniques of hammering, welding, soldering and jewelry making techniques to come up with sculptures unlike any other.

Dela Cruz unveiled his first one-man exhibit on August 18, 2007 at the Glass Wing of the Ayala Museum. “Kandungan: A Tribute to Women in Our Lives” featured hand-carved and hand-formed sculptures in brass, copper and lead.

In just a period of six months, he held court at the Artistspace of the Ayala Museum when he unveiled his third one-man exhibit. Entitled “Himig”, the 25-piece exhibit showed dela Cruz returning to his favorite subject—full-figured women, this time depicted as instruments and creatures of combined grace and strength. More acclaim from international art connoisseurs followed when dela Cruz exhibited in Gallerie Joaquin Singapore. “Breath and Balance” showed the artist’s full mastery of his medium with sculptures that depict breathtaking equilibrium and movement by stretching the limits of metal. He has since been presenting solo exhibitions and been active with group exhibitions in Manila. Most recently in September of 2011 he was part of the Philippine delegation to the 26th Asian International Art Exhibition held in Seoul Korea.

Artist Statement

"As hard as I’ve tried, my quest to understand women has been a lifelong exercise in futility.
Women are equal, yes, but the equality is intangible and impossible to define like a math equation. Does X=Y, do five minutes equate to one hour, does Yes mean No?

Having been around women all my life, my exhibit entitled “Ms. Interpretation“, is yet another attempt to improve my understanding and portrayal of women. With much affection and respect, the female forms in “Ms. Interpretation” represent women engaged in the diverse rituals of womanhood: conversation, shopping, and motherhood. I demonstrate them in positions of strength and confidence, but also in situations of vulnerability. I combine these women with a few male sculptures that express the struggle in their quest to understand and live with women. 

My understanding of women today is tentative and inconclusive; an understanding defined more by what they aren’t than what they actually are. But it is exactly this bewilderment they cause that make women so intriguing and so endearing. If there is one word that defines a relationship between a man and a woman, it would be “co-existence”. Men and women are wired so differently that it is one of the wonders of humankind that both cannot live without each other.

What a man may achieve through brawn, women are capable of getting the same results through charm and the clever use of stilettos. Where men would drown their woes in a bar, women are more apt to seek therapy in a shopping mall. Our bodies and brains work differently but this is positive thing, for I believe that men and women were designed to complement each other.

Women are goddesses, priestesses and queens, loving yet vengeful, gentle yet powerful. They are mother, daughter, lover, teacher and friend. Women are in a universe of their own.

Galileo Galilei stated “All truth are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”. And perhaps therein underlies the beauty and strength of a woman. It is not in the understanding of them but in the slow yet fascinating discovery of who they are that make the pursuit worthwhile. Women are a truth men will never find, but it is in the quest of understanding them that men may ultimately find themselves."

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