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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
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Get Closer
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): Amely SPöTZL, Bernd ZöLLNER, Josef Bernhard ZUENKELER, Caspar PAULI, Michael SISTIG
Date: 9 Oct - 31 Oct 2010

AKI Gallery, for the second time in as many years, brought German art to Taipei in 2009. It also supported the accompanying project “Just a moment, please” of the dynamic sculptor Amely Spötzl. The installation consisted of a flower intervention installed throughout various places in Taipei. In a strange contradiction of behavior, people were attracted to look, but kept their view at a distance. Out of respect? Out of fear? Out of irritation? Perhaps a combination of all three? Or maybe simply art “lost in translation”? The Germans are back to test the translation by shouting and asking to Get Closer.

Get Closer features new works of Amely Spötzl, Bernd Zöllner, and Josef Bernhard Zuenkeler. Furthermore, this exhibition will introduce young German Artists Caspar Pauli and Michael Sistig.

Amely Spötzl will be presenting a selection of her new object works created with plant material. Whether fragile dandelions, dynamic twiles of blackberry or soft willow pussies Amely’s sculptural objects will tempt you to reach out and touch their unusual and delicate surfaces. With incredible skill, she isolates parts of plants and reassembles the fragments in a way to change our vision of nature.

Bernd Zöllner’s photography work takes a different approach. In his series “From Above” Zöllner’s lens is an eye in the sky, broadly analyzing the movement of the masses. His camera may remain in the distance but his photographs give an intimate view of human behavior.

Caspar Pauli collects old family photographs from German flea markets vendors. Lost and forgotten memories of vacations, holidays and celebrations of invisible nameless families. Pauli brushes the dust away and finds new life for the imagery. He rejuvenates those precious moments by composing their essence into delicate and fragile paintings.

Michael Sistig considers himself to be a visual archeologist digging deep into old history and myths. With painterly eloquence he manages to give mythologies a contemporary voice. Expounding on mythological and historical values and questions which are more contemporary than one might expect.


Opening Reception: 2010. 10. 09 (Sat.) 3pm

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