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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
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Fleshy Fairytale
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): HUANG Pei Hang
Date: 5 Sep - 4 Oct 2009

Dolls, toys and the characters in the cartoons are the closest accompanies in everyone’s childhood. To kids, they represent a kind of ideal character or perfect life in the future. However, when the kids grow up, they realize the crucial realities in the real life. In Huang Pei-Hang’s (黃沛涵) first solo exhibition “Fleshy Fairy Tales 肉身童話”, instead of building up a“ princess and prince will live happily ever after“ story, she provides viewers a visual stimulation with wounded, bleeding Barbies and Doramons that project one’s desires, disappointments and fragility onto the imperfect dolls. Especially through the innocent human eyes on the Doramon’s face, or even Huang’s personal features on Barbies, these contrasts imply how people deal with (or ignore) the perceivable miseries.

On the other hand, the mixtures of ugly violence and pretty dolls in her paintings balance viewers’ shock from the first glance, then revealing that we are actually very used to the visual violence through public media’s influences, and even gain certain vent from watching these images. Fleshy Fairy Tales is a show between imagination and reality, disillusion and reborn. From 5th of September to 4th of October, Aki Gallery will proudly present Huang Pei-Hang’s solo exhibition-- Fleshy Fairy Tales. 

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