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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
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First exit existence III
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): LU Chih-Yun, LIN Kuo-Wei
Date: 5 Jul - 22 Jul 2012

In July, the end of ‘First exit existence‘ Taiwan contemporwy sculpbxe trilogy exhibitions are shown by LIN Kuo-Wei and LU Chih-Yun. Since when can we not sense the world through the way we used to have in our childhood? LIN and LU, These two artists observe society with the vision of children. Standing the front side of their works just like looking a mirror reflects our minds, purely and forthrightly.

LU Chih-Yun used to observe the world in a viewpoint of children when she creates her works, which are n a cruel straight way to express the different sides of the world of adults. These sides tum into different fairy tales, and most of the characters are animals. LIN Kuo-Wei believes that the imagery of children can also be viewed as being representative in its nature - it represents people of all ages, not just children. From two artists, children are used as a metaphor for the sense of helplessness felt by modem people living in today's system of social classes.

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