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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
Taipei 103-69, Taiwan   map * 
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Exit Existence II- Prowling and incarnation of the memory - Hong Chien-CHe & Lin Chih-Heng
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): LIN Chih-Heng
Date: 14 Jun - 1 Jul 2012

The Carnival atmosphere color feast (Exit Existence I)is going to end, it's time sliding into the second phase raising further reflection on human's very existence- loneliness.

Chih Heng Lin move complex human relations into a tranquil garden. His artworks communicate with viewers in an originate visual language. In this bearty and poetic way, the artist express people's loneliness and solitude situation. Lurking in a hidden conner somewhere behind a huge wood, or just in a swamp, the artist observe the world with a pair of  sophisticated eyes. He perceive, adjust himself so that he could melt and penetrate into the real world, Chin Heng Lin is talented at creating private dialogue space for viewers and sceneries, to be or not to be existed ever? the viewers  may find anser by feeling a consonance with these be-viewed lonely plants.

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