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L-Art Gallery
Building C1,Tianfu Software Park
Tianfu Avenue, Hi-tech Zone
Chengdu, China   map * 
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Wish The World Treat You Softly
by L-Art Gallery
Location: L-Art Gallery
Artist(s): MENG Yang Yang
Date: 12 Jul - 1 Sep 2014

The solo exhibition of Meng Yangyang : “Wish the world treat you softly” will be opened at L- Art Gallery. Meng Yangyang shows the paintings, which she created recently and tries to lead the audience’s psychology by the temperature of color.

The theme of artist Meng Yangyang comes from one of her paintings, which also on the exhibition “Wish the world treat you softly”. Her work usually starts with a question: “How does the world look like?” Next, “What is my relationship with this world and what has formed the current me?” These thoughts and questions bring challenges and confrontations. She tries to see the world I am facing from different angles in search of more questions. My work attempts to convey a sensitive weirdness, which implies the resistance to rules and the confrontation of oneself that has been assimilated by otherness. Although there is no way to get rid of the control of the world through our all-out attack, the Artist has to reveal the distance between that sort of value system and the standard that she wants to establish through the means of art. She also attempts to lead the audience’s mind by use of the temperature of colors. The colors which symbolize the simplicity and purity of man and the indifference conveyed by the picture make it even more absurd, and this is exactly the disturbing world we live in.

*image (left)
courtesy of the artist and L-Art Gallery 

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