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L-Art Gallery
Building C1,Tianfu Software Park
Tianfu Avenue, Hi-tech Zone
Chengdu, China   map * 
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Hot City – Art and Fashion Crossover Show
by L-Art Gallery
Location: L-Art Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 8 Jun - 8 Aug 2013

The Fortune Global Forum 2013 is to be held this June in Chengdu. While indulging ourselves in the discussion of fortune, we can always spare some moments to explore our minds with art and fashion. Together with BAZAAR ART, L-Art Gallery invited 9 contemporary artists who lived and worked in many different cities. Based on the theme of Hot City and through a variety of artistic expression, they are to present us their spiritual journey as individuals in the cities. It is going to be a feast of city-related emotions, memories, reason and ideal.

We encourage every artist to write a brief passage for a city of his/her own choice, which has direct or indirect connection with them. Whatever their choices, familiar or strange, close to it or far away from it, it has to be the ones that somehow have become part of their life and memory, or have controllable or uncontrollable influence on a particular point. I was very impressed by the point of Mr. Liu Haowei: valuing memories gives a city its future.

Through the theme of Hot City, we put together art and fashion, providing a chance of crossover discussion. They were never two parallel paths that won’t cross. They belong to each other, and in an intimate way, they both maintain their own characters and natures. Easily, they can blend and infiltrate the other. Crossover is no more than a definition in the realm of fashionable culture. Putting them together, however, could be a new approach of comprehension.

Participating Artists:
Artists: Chen Qiulin、Chen Tianzhuo、Guo Puyuan、Li Qing、Liu Haowei、
Wang Jun、Ye Funa、Zhang Tianjun、Zhou Hehe

Hot City Party: June 8th, D+Lounge 

Courtesy of L-Art Gallery 

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