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Heavenly Creature
by Kaikai Kiki Gallery
Location: Kaikai Kiki Gallery
Artist(s): ob
Date: 21 Mar - 17 Apr 2013

Immerse yourself in the arrival of Spring with a new series of paintings by ob, who has only recently turned 21. Centered around “Four Princesses,” a motif born from her collaboration with the cosmetic brand shu uemura, the paintings feature a new range of characters, emotions, and vivid colors that evidence ob’s growth as an artist over the past two years.
Emerging now from her tightly closed inner world, her narratives and images unfold freely and are imbued with youthful energy. The artist describes the collaboration and her new work as follows:

“They are ordinary girls but after using the shu uemura cleansing oil before going to sleep, they become princesses in their dreams and each must fulfill their own task.

Whether summoning flower petals through dance or battling ominouse storms, the princesses pray forthe tranquility of our beautiful world. At the same time, however, they are still young girlswho use makeup on occasion and become absorbed in their own flights of fancy. I hope people will find something that touches with their own experience.”

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