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Yoshimi Arts
3/F Wakasa Building
1-8-24 Edobori, Nishi-ku
Osaka, Japan   map * 
tel: +81 6 6443 0080     fax: +81 6 6443 0080
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"Fu yo no jun sui, ki kyo no fu jun"~circuration and glitter~ by Shiho Yamamoto and Hana Inoue
by Yoshimi Arts
Location: Yoshimi Arts
Date: 7 Apr - 27 Apr 2014

Shiho Yamamoto and Hana Inoue studied Japanese painting at the same college together, and their works are affected by each other. It seems there is similar points to two of them but since they have announced works in many solo and group exhibitions, they became showing different characteristics. In 'Hometown'(2012), Yamamoto expressed time and space people live on a wide scope of landscape with stillness, while Inoue tells a story inspired by objects around her with richness of color through her work entitled 'story' (2011). 

For this exhibition, two artists created works from one of 6 selected letters and sounds, 'Fu yo no jun sui, ki and kyo.' These are easy to be reminded and there is no special meaning. Also when they associate these letters and sounds with word, Yamamoto selected circulation and Inoue picked glint as motif respectively.  

*image (left)
© Shiho Yamamoto 
courtesy of the artist 

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