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Wei Ling Gallery
No. 8 Jalan Scott,
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Unnecessarily Well Made
by Wei Ling Gallery
Location: Wei Ling Gallery
Artist(s): Claudia BUENO
Date: 30 Jul - 30 Oct 2013

Wei-Ling Gallery and Glenmorangie are making way for the first ever site-specific light art installation by renowned Venezuelan artist Claudia Bueno, echoing the resounding theme of “Unnecessarily Well Made”. FIBERSPACE will be one of the most intricate site-specific installations ever seen, including video and light projections as well as sculptures that will occupy all three levels of Wei-Ling Gallery in Brickfields. 

FIBERSPACE will see Wei-Ling Gallery fully inhabited by intrinsic filament structures, made with hardened string, to recreate patterns of organic growth and natural life. With an abstract surrounding resembling the nervous system, video projections of fire and water waves will animate these structures, captivating the viewer with a surreal sense of impulse and electricity that travel through the fibres.

With hundreds of individual sculptures and art pieces making up the entire installation, the intricacy and complexity involved in its creation seems blatantly unnecessary, yet elementary in creating a sense of depth and immersion which viewers will experience at the showcase. Having been in the making for eight months now, Claudia Bueno is sparing no detail in FIBERSPACE’s perplexing sophistication – a commitment to craft that is akin to Glenmorangie’s pursuit of perfection in creating the world’s most delicious single malt whiskies.

Just as Glenmorangie goes to unnecessary lengths to craft its award winning single malt whisky - using the tallest stills in Scotland and only the finest quality oak casks – so will FIBERSPACE immerse viewers through its astounding detail, and hauntingly serene complexity displayed through Claudia Bueno’s concepts and craftsmanship.

Image: © Claudia Bueno, Wei-Ling Gallery

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