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Gallery Exit
25 Hing Wo Street,
Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong   map * 
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by Gallery Exit
Location: Gallery Exit
Artist(s): LAM Hoi Sin
Date: 19 Aug - 10 Sep 2011

Gallery EXIT is pleased to present Interpretation, a solo show of LAM Hoi Sin. Developed under surrealist influence, Interpretation is an on-going series of drawings based on found images. The artist explores the ambiguity in such images and through drawings, reconfigures the visual components with her eccentric associations. The image and drawing compete against each other as the viewers' imagination wavers between reality and fiction. While most works in the series appear as pure visual play based on free association, some transformations cannot be simplified as mere humour or wonderment.
Lam addresses our subconscious fixations on sex. Phallic symbols can often be spotted in her drawings. The work derived from a Diesel advert shows a woman with a mannequin body. She is partly undressed, possibly by the man presented in the profile shadow behind her. The drawing depicts an unsettling picture of a rape scene. With minimum alteration, the artist simply asks the audience to rethink the aesthetics of the original and whether her drawings are so different or controversial. After all, in mass media, women are constantly being objectified into victims, consumed and manipulated. The artist explains, "Despite the fiction, the new images are rearrangements of reality."
A more playful reading includes Kenny Dalglish being depicted as a magician. As the footballer poses with his shirt, Lam's drawing elevates his head from the torso and slides it across the fabric. The artist emphasizes that there are many possible readings of the found images, "for Interpretation is to form interpretations, not to present a single one."
LAM Hoi Sin, aka Sin, was born in 1986 and raised in Hong Kong. Having hundreds of websites, Sin uses the Internet as a communication tool for her thoughts and random findings. Besides blogging in different themes, her productions include automatic drawings of music, hand-painted totes and affordable conceptual art. She has participated in Bag for Better (2009), Feng Yu Piao Yao Ai Guo Shi (2009) and FAX (2010), an exhibition co-organised by Independent Curators International and Para/Site Art Space.

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