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Horikawa-Oike Gallery 1F & 2F
238-1 Oshiaburakoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku
Kyoto 604-0052 Japan
tel: +81 75 334 2204
President Message:In addition to serving as a site for research, creation, and education, the university conveys information to society and provides a base for productive relationships with local residents. Last year the Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery, also known as @KCUA, was launched as a satellite space i ...read more

1F, Ocean Print Bld, 10 Nishi-Iwamoto-cho
Higashi-Kujo, Minami-ku
Kyoto, Japan 601-8005
tel: +81 75 585-8458
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Opening hour: Tue - Sun  12 pm - 7 pm   closed on Monday

4-19, Shougoin-rengezou-cho,
Kyoto, 606-8357, Japan
tel: +81 75 950 5230
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Since its establishment in 2001, Mori-yu gallery has been produced 9 art shows in its unique space in heart of Kyoto City. Unlike other contemporary art gallery, Mori-yu Gallery is located in a traditional Japanese style house, a little teahouse attached. Most of the artist is fascinating of arrangement of their pieces ...read more

17 Benzaiten-cho
Kyoto 605-0086 Japan
tel: +81 75 532 1139
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Sfera is based in an ancient capital, Kyoto and has been working in Japan and abroad intensively. This has allowed Sfera to propose a new lifestyle by producing new items with the aim of creating new values despite of the cultural differences between East and West. Sfera emphasizes not only the historic beauty of Japan ...read more

Yamazaki Bldg
2F, 1-19-27 Minami-Horie, Nishi-ku
Osaka 550-0015 Japan
tel: +81 6 6534 3993
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Founded in 1992 by Ryoichi Matsuo. Located in Tezukayama, South of Osaka city.March, 2010, it moved to Minami-Horie, Nishi-Ku, Osaka.Featuring American, European, Asian contemporary arts, and also introducing young Japanese artists.

Wakasa Bld 2F1 1-8-24 Edobori
Osaka, 550-0002 Japan
tel: +81 6 6445 3557
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The "third" has three meanings"   I would like to introduce work that creates a sense of reality for me personally. I would like to establish the gallery as a site to show the work of young artists. I would like to offer artists the support they need in continuing to create their work.   In doing this, ...read more

4-9-15, Nishitenma
Osaka 530-0047, Japan
tel: +81 6 6364 0775
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The natural environment and the society surrounding us have considerably changed more than we think in seven years since the 21st century began. The movement of art also keeps proliferating a new style in a variety of fields by new emerging artists while the old tradition is persisted in the former style. This situatio ...read more

Shinsaibashi Inoue Building 1-3-10,
Shinsaibashi-Suji Chuo-ku.
Osaka, 542-0085.Japan
tel: +81 6 6245 5347
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3/F Wakasa Building
1-8-24 Edobori, Nishi-ku
Osaka, Japan
tel: +81 6 6443 0080
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Opening hours:Daily  11 am - 7 pm

1F Bunkakaikan
Teramachi Higashi iru Honnoji
Oike dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan
tel: +81 75 255 2232 / 50 3532 8486
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Established in August 1975, Zokyudo Gallery is dealing in historical and valued art works while at the same time introducing contemporary artists and their work with the keywords of uniqueness and promising in mind.Zokyudo Gallery is working with a small but distinguished group of people- Director Oka, is shocked by ...read more

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