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4/F Yaejeon Building, 1451-95 Seocho-dong,
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 741 6030
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Gallery Mano was opened on October 25, 2003 by representative Ha Mee Chung in Gahae dong, Seoul. 1st floor is the exhibition area where any kind of art works can be displayed regardless of genre. It is about 126㎡ with 3.5m height ceiling.  The minimally and neatly designed area is attractive to any artists wis ...read more

35-9 Tongui-dong,
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 549 3031
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Founded in 1994, Gallery Simon has been one of the most respected art galleries in Korea, appreciating the relevance and beauty of the contemporary art. We hold significant premiere collections of both Korean and international artists and plan to continually participate in renowned Korean and international art fairs. ...read more

58-4 Samcheongro
Jongnogu, Seoul, Korea

tel: +82 2 747 4675
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Gallery Skape was established in August. 2004. Seoul. Korea in order to open a new frontier for creative and innovative Artists from all around the world. It aims to develop relationship between diversified arts and to enhance exchanges between different cultural backgrounds. The main purpose of Gallery Skape is to pro ...read more

SP B/D, 524-36 Sinsa-dong,
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 546 3560
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Gallery SP started out as Seoul Print Work Shop, the first print work shop in Korea, in 1989.When it moved to Chungdam-dong in 1998, it started to actively take on the structure of an art gallery. And in 2006, Gallery SP was reopened at the new location in Shinsa-dong and is currently involved with the exhibition, pla ...read more

532-9 Shinsa-dong
Seoul 135-888, Korea
tel: +82 2 542 5543
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Gallery Yeh founded in 1978 has 8 to 9 exhibitions every year in area of fine art, sculpture, printing and installation focusing on introducing contemporary artists, both domestic and international, keeping with current international atmosphere.    Gallery Yeh is proud of providing opportunity and space to th ...read more

97 Pyeongchang-Dong,
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 720 1020
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Since its foundation in 1983, Gana Art Gallery organized over 400 exhibitions representing both Korean and international artists. For the past 22 years, Gana Art Gallery has established itself as a truly multi-cultural institution : Gana Print Studio(1987), Gana Art Publication(1988), Galerie Gana-Beaubourg(1995, Paris ...read more

110-200 70, Sokyuk-dong
Jongno-gu, Seoul
tel: +82 2 720 1524 6
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Located in historic Bukchon Hanok Village, Hakgojae is a birthplace of art. In the exhibition spaces of Hakgojae, the antique beauty of a traditional Korean house and refined beauty of a modern building are in great harmony. The motto of Hakgojae, “Creation of the new by understanding the old,” is clearly m ...read more

Nature Poem #102, 118-17 Chungdam-Dong,
Seoul, Korea 138-955
tel: +82 2 3443 6364
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Johyun Gallery was founded by Mrs Jo Hyun and first opened in 1990 in Gwanganli art town in Busan under the name 'Gallery World'. It became one of the major art galleries in the region, representing Korean and international contemporary art. In 1999, the gallery moved and expanded their exhibition space to the new buil ...read more

413 - 841 Heyri Art Valley G-28, 1652-140,
Beop-Heong-Li, Tanhyun-Myun,
Paju-city, Gyeonggi-Do, Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 21 957 6320
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Since Rosemary Trockel's opening exhibition in 1997, Keumsan Gallery has been try to introduce minimal art, installation, media art, painting, sculpture and printing in diversity. Also, Keumsan Gallery candidates the global cimmunication in introducing Korean Contemporary Art. Through active communication with foreigne ...read more

195 Kwanhoon-dong,
Chongno-gu, 110-300m,
Seoul, KOREA
tel: +82 2 733 6469
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The KwanHoon Gallery, located in the heart of Seoul, first opened its doors in 1979. Its birth served as catalyst, as others soon joined Kwanhoon to create Seoul's thriving gallery district. Kwanhoon gallery now consists of six exhibition spaces within three buildings totaling over 3200 square feet. In the past ten yea ...read more

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