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Mallet Japan
1F Toyocho AXIS bldg.,
3-22-6 Toyo Koto-ku
Tokyo, 135-0016, Japan
tel: +81 3 5635 1777     fax: +81 3 5635 1778
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Today the Japanese auction market is on the cusp of a new era. Mallet Japan Inc. was established in May 2005 as a new player in the field for valuable art objects with the mission of expanding and developing the auction market by discovering and cultivating new collectors.

Mallet Japan intends to carve out an unassailable position for itself both here at home in Japan, where the auction market is currently dominated by a handful of players, and on the international market. To that end we aim to establish an ongoing record of success as an auction house specializing in high-priced pieces by Japanese artists, as well as by internationally marketable artists from overseas. We are also committed to opening up new frontiers in Japan by actively showcasing works by the upcoming generation of artists, regardless of genre.

Mallet Japan intends moreover to bring a breath of fresh air to the domestic Japanese art market, which has until now been largely closed. We will work to achieve recognition as Japan's first auction house that can truly claim to be fair and upfront - one offering an auction system that is open, straightforward, and easily accessible to all. In that way we intend to fulfill our responsibility to society as an art dealer by laying solid foundations for a healthy, efficient, stable trade in art objects based on the auction principle. By winning public trust as a fair, dependable company, we want to create a higher profile for the art auction business in Japan as a new industry; with that goal in mind, we also plan to stake out an international position for ourselves working openly with art markets overseas. Expect to see Mallet Japan making waves soon.


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