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+0086: Beijing Cool


+0086: Beijing Cool brings together the best photos and illustrations from the groundbreaking Beijing-based +0086 magazine. Today’s youth of China are the coolest generation of Chinese ever. Like young people everywhere, they are self-confident, somewhat narcissistic, wild and vulnerable, all at the same time. Dazed and confused by the disappointments they might encounter in their daily lives, they hold onto hope. Energy and excitement springs from their expressions, each a living contradiction. +0086: Beijing Cool is a snapshot from a China that is both real and alive. It’s a China that departs from stereotypes of the past. Like a living documentary, and containing over 300 different photos and illustrations, this book reveals the “express yourself” generation creating and living its latest trends in music, fashion, art and photography. This extra-ordinary face of China has a style and a voice all it’s own.


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