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Poly Auction
Floor 3, New Poly Plaza, 1 North Chaoyangmen Street,
Dongcheng District,
Beijing, China 100010
tel: +86 10 64082277     fax: +86 10 64082188
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Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. is established on July 1, 2005. It is an auction house invested by Poly Cultural and Art Co., Ltd. With Poly Group’s reliable resources and utter support, Beijing Poly Auction was determined to become a top auction house of international standards.


In November of 2005, Beijing Poly Auction had its first major auction. Artists Xu Beihong, Wu Changshuo, Lin Fengmian, Li Keran and Wu Guanzhong are all leading artists in Chinese modern art history and their works were all part of this auction. Moreover, Wu Guanzhong’s “Parrot’s Paradise” was auctioned for 30.25 millions RMB; it was the artist’s highest auction record. Artist Huang Zhou’s “The Great Harvest” was sold for 15.95 millions RMB. This first major auction yields a total of 560 millions RMB. It established Beijing Poly Auction as one of the top auction houses in mainland China.


Following such exceptional fist auction, Beijing Poly Auction continued its success in the 2006 Spring Auction, which brought in a total of 418 millions RMB. Furthermore, the “Chinese Oil Painting” sale alone yielded 145 millions RMB, breaking the oil painting auction record in mainland China.


In November 2006, Beijing Poly readjusted its marketing strategies, focusing on the quality and not quantity of our auction items, as well as emphasizing on the oil painting sale. Once again, the auction resulted in an admirable 319 millions RMB. In addition, there were three specialized oil painting sales bringing in 188 millions RMB. Liu Xiaodong’s “Three Gorges: Newly Displaced Population” was hammered at 22 millions RMB, breaking the record of Chinese Contemporary oil painting record. Also, artists such as Leng Jun, Jin Shangyi and Zhan Jianjun among ten other artists broke their own personal auction record in Beijing Poly’s 2006 Autumn Auction. With the history of success, Beijing Poly is becoming one of the top auction houses in mainland China.


In this year’s Spring Auction which ended on 2nd June 2007, Poly International Auction Co. won a huge success of 630 million RMB, in which the “Contemporary Art Evening Sales” was the first of this kind in China and attracts the attention from domestic and broad. 65 fine arts was auctioned with the hammer price total 249 million RMB, average price of about 4 million each. The result which should be highlighted here includes the following: Wu Guanzhong’s oil painting The Ancient City of Jiaohe was hammered at 40.7million RMB, which tops Poly’s Auction as well as his any other works auctioned before. Shi Chong’s Contemporary Scenery and Mao Yan’s Memory of Dancing Black Rose also double or triple their former estimates. Last but not the least, Poly’s first Ceramics & Rare Books and Manuscripts Auction also concluded with admirable results, which marks the transformation of Poly Auction from a newcomer of this industry to a mature and integrated auction house in China


Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. has a team of professional staff as well as many overseas resources and client. Our professional attitude is using our expertise to “assure authenticity” in our works of art. We believe in auctioning “authentic, essential and rare” art works, and insisting on our principle of being “honest, fair and just” to our clients. Beijing Poly always puts the needs of our client first, it is in our hope to present them their most wanted and treasured works of art. After a little more than a decade from first introducing auction to mainland China, people are beginning to recognize and pay attention to what we do. With the government’s support on cultural development, Beijing Poly International Auction and Poly Group will become a mega force in cultural promotion.


In 2007, Poly International Auction is putting its focus on Chinese antiquity as well as Chinese paintings and calligraphy. In addition, through the association with Poly Museum and its connections in the art world, we are anticipating to break into overseas market. We are current in the process of acquiring art works and preparing for an international exhibition tour.


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