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China Guardian Auctions Co., Ltd..
2-603 Henderson Center,
18 Jianguomennei St.,
Beijing, China
tel: +86 10 6518 2315     
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China Guardian Auctions Co., Ltd., a Chinese national auction firm, was established in May of 1993, and was the earliest auction company on the China mainland to specialize in the sale of Chinese artwork of all varieties. For over ten years, China Guardian has successfully staged more than 300 auctions with more than 200,000 items sold. China Guardian holds major international Spring and Fall Auctions, as well as its Quarterly Auction series. Regular auction business covers Chinese paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, ceramics, works of art, Chinese oil paintings and sculptures, rare books, rubbings, calligraphy, stamps, coins , bronzes mirrors, fine jewelry , jadeite, watches , clocks.

In recent years, quite a few national and international records have been set in China Guardian’s auction rooms. Furthermore, through the company’s efforts many national treasures have been bought by national museums either from overseas collectors or from private owners at home, including: Weng’s Collection of Rare Books; “Rare Birds”, a painting by the Song Dynasty Emperor Huizong; a Tang Dynasty facsimile of Huaisu’s calligraphy; “Calligraphy in Regular & Cursive Script” by the Song Dynasty Emperor Gaozong; and Zhu Xi’s calligraphy “Spring Rain” and “Chu Shi Song”. In the meantime, various auction items have set regional and international records, such as: a silk weaving handscroll commissioned by Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, Red Cliff from Ming Dynasty, a fine and rare famille-rose “Eight Immortals” vase of the Qianlong Reign; Oil paintings such as“Chairman Mao Overlooking Guangdong” and “Eulogy of the Yellow River”,;as well as numerous stamps and coins.

China Guardian has also worked with the government to establish methods and policies for the export of cultural and artistic works. In the process China Guardian has gained the respect of the people and the government by pursuing the sales and eventual repatriations of important cultural treasures from foreign collections, and which hasa significant international trend of Chinese cultural reclamation by national collectors and museums. China Guardian’s core commitment to quality, authenticity, and a responsibility to both clients and the nation has consistently earned it the top accolades of the national auction business world.

China Guardian is not only graded an “AAA Auction Company”, the highest honor in the industry, but has also been named a “Trustworthy Enterprise” by the Government Bureau of Commerce and Industry.


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