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C for Culture
Block C, 8/F, Wah Mou Factory Bldg,
202-204 Choi Hung Road,
San Po Kong, Kln. HK
tel: +852 2854 0050     fax: +852 2854 0072
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C for Culture — the flagship of cultural magazines and a hothouse of cultural elites in Hong Kong — was founded as a monthly magazine devoted to the critique of culture and arts. We have drawn together accomplished masters and literary talents from different generations, and are launching our own online TV programmes. We aspire to an open and liberal attitude, and believe in the capacity of cultural and arts critique to fully realise value pluralism. Our recent endeavors include organizing seminars and concerts as converging opportunities for HK’s cultural practitioners. Together, we strive to establish a recognized cultural identity for Hong Kong, and to be the window of cultural exchange between the Mainland and the world.

We are a Charity Group. In May 2008, we saw the birth of our inaugural issue which covered analytical features on public life from the cultural perspective, and critiques on music, theatre, visual arts, dance, film, literature and the mass consumer culture. Since the reform in March 2009, our new look have won us even wider acclaim. While holding fast to the goal of “Reconstructing Hong Kong’s Cultural Identity”, we have expanded our horizons and are setting greater store by the comparison of the cultural scenes in mainland China and Taiwan.

Starting from April 2009, besides the copies available at 300 distribution points in Hong Kong, articles of C for Culture can also be found in SP Luxos, our new media partner and a subsidiary high-end life-style magazine of Sing Pao. Thirty thousand copies of SP Luxos are now available on British Airways, China Eastern Airlines, and China Airlines, as well as in various hotels in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. Residential deliveries can also be made. In 2010, you can find C for Culture magazine in major bookshops in Taiwan and also, you can find some of our articles in the search engine Wisenews.


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