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Hong Kong Arts Development Council
14/F, East Warwick House
Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road
Hong Kong
tel: +852 2827 8786     fax: +852 2519 9301
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The Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) is a statutory body set up by the Government in 1995 to plan, promote and support the broad development of the arts. These include dance, drama, literary, music, xiqu, visual arts, film and media arts as well as arts education, arts criticism and arts administration in Hong Kong.

As the bridge linking the Government, arts sector and the public, the ADC has formulated the following strategies for future development:-

Developing Hong Kong into an arts and cultural hub by facilitating artistic creation and exchanges with mainland and overseas counterparts
Building platforms to enhance the artistic milieu in the community and assist arts groups in reaching out
Forging partnerships to promote the development of arts education and arts educators
Exploring community resources and development space for the arts sector; promoting community-wide support for arts development
Steering arts groups and artists towards professional development
Providing greater support to the arts community for future development
The ADC is dedicated to enhancing artistic creation by encouraging community-wide participation in local arts and cultural activities, with the aim of building a more enlightened community and developing Hong Kong into a world-class cultural metropolis.


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