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14th December 2014

acing="7" style="vertical-align:top;">Giant Osaka park catching on as hangout for 'cosplayers'The Japan TimesTakanobu Kanzawa, a 35-year-old assistant professor at Takarazuka University's art and dfull story

1st December 2014

acing="7" style="vertical-align:top;">Boston Globefull story

29th October 2014

Born in Hyogo in 1982, Nishino went on to study at the Osaka University of Arts where he found he was often more interested his peers' portfolios than their polished final pieces. It was this taste for the complexity of the bigger picture, combined ...full story

29th October 2014

Fumiko Kimura was born in Idaho and educated at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA., earning a Mater's degree in Art Education and BS in Chemistry. She also studied at Kyoto Nanga School and the Senju-in Zen Temple in Akita, Japan. • Photo ...full story

29th October 2014

According to the website, "a group of Japanese artists known as Kingyobu meaning "Goldfish Club" convert old phone booths into goldfish aquariums throughout Osaka, Japan." "In the past 15 years, BT has either removed or decommissioned 30,000, a third ...full story

20th October 2014

... Akira Kurosawa's films from Oct. 25 to Nov. 19, a section of Japanese and Hollywood silent-era classics and the presentation of “Daimajin,” a classic 1966 monster pic, together with the display of a 16-foot-tall statue of the film's giant samurai ...full story

14th October 2014

KYOTO, JAPAN — When it comes to tackling the tensions in East Asia — the historical disputes, the territorial battles, the entrenched stereotypes — plastering people's faces probably isn't the first remedy that comes to mind. But in a part of the ...full story

15th September 2014

Now, a new museum set to open in Toronto next week, with more than double the Met's gallery space, is poised to establish North America's first dedicated home for Islamic art. Pritzker Prize-winner Fumihiko Maki designed the 47,000 square-foot Aga Khan ...full story

6th September 2014

Damien Hirst installation owner charges teen art-rival with theft of £500,000 for removing box of pencils from installation: A teenaged artist who was forced to stop selling his collages when Damien Hirst sent threats to his gallery (the collages ...full story

2nd September 2014

Hofman is known for his super-sized, colorful works of art, most recently the enormous inflatable rubber duck that floated around the waters of cities like Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Auckland and Osaka. Earlier this year, Hofman was asked to create a piece ...full story

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