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9th June 2010

Taipei, June 9 (CNA) An exhibition of installation art and space design by Oscar-winning artist Tim Yip will open this weekend at the Museum of Contemporary ...full story

4th June 2010

... space TKG+ in Taipei. The exhibit, “A Decade of Reverie: Tales of Contemplation,” comprises work from 2000 through 2010. The artist first exhibited with ...full story

31st May 2010

Taiwan and China are also engaging in exchanges of modern art. The Taipei Fine Art Museum cooperated with the National Art Museum of China in Beijing last ...full story

24th May 2010

Taipei, May 24 (CNA) Taiwan porcelain brand founder Francis Chen is not only a businessman but also an art collector and supporter of many art activities in ...full story

24th May 2010

The culture week program will feature a series of activities showcasing Taiwan's arts, including performing art events, visual art displays, ...full story

23rd May 2010

For the first time, several paintings and art collections from China are now available for viewing in Taiwan, thanks to an improvement in relations between ...full story

22nd May 2010

Besides ancient art, Taiwan and China are also holding exchanges in modern art. The Taipei Fine Art Museum (TFAM) has cooperated with the National Art ...full story

21st May 2010

... art around the world, the organizers said, adding that the Taiwanese works came to their attention through the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taipei County. ...full story

19th May 2010

The exhibit, titled "Art from the Underground: Tsong Pu Solo Exhibition," will feature sketches, paintings and installation art by Tsong from 1978 to the ...full story

19th May 2010

... much to explain why this exhibit is being shown in a backwater government building, rather than at Taipei's higher profile art galleries or museums. ...full story

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