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20th August 2010

A Tokyo-based artist is re-creating a modern-day version of the famed 1000 Kannon Bodhisattva statues in the Sanjusangendo Hall of Kyoto's ...full story

20th August 2010

Tokyo architect Hideyuki Nakayama said the home, while aesthetically modern in every sense, is true to the spirit and philosophy of old Kyoto homes, ...full story

19th August 2010

You're also along for Ginsberg's visit to American poet Gary Snyder in Kyoto, Japan in 1963; the two poets surely discussed their interest in Zen Buddhism. ...full story

18th August 2010

The art becomes a little hardened, less nostalgic. While it still alludes to the simplicity and grandiosity of the natural sublime, the art in Mountains and ...full story

17th August 2010

The key piece of “Kyoto: A Place in Art,” the new exhibit at the Morikami Museum, consists of two ...full story

by Julia Friedman
The Super Window Project in Kyoto has two simultaneous exhibitions at two different venues. The main gallery houses an installation by a young neo-minimalist artist Soshi Matsunobe whose works could serve as illustrations for Donald Judd's definition of sculpture as "specific objects in literal space." Matsunobe's scul ...read more

12th August 2010

Matsuyoshi Co Ltd. started its business in 1933 as a Japanese folding fan store in the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, and has expanded its business for ...full story

31st July 2010

"All capture a wonderful beauty and unique look into Kyoto. Certainly makes me want to visit!" Probably the most interesting and flattering comment Gherson ...full story

23rd July 2010

COURTESY OF THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, KYOTO Ideally, we would like another Leonardo da Vinci, someone who could bridge that chasm with ease, ...full story

23rd July 2010

The exhibition will move to Niigata City Art Museum in Niigata on Sept. 4 -Oct. 17 and to Bijitsukan Eki Kyoto in Kyoto on Oct. 22 to Nov. 23. ...full story

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