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16th October 2008

The London gallery owner Maureen Paley and the noted preppy Jeffrey Rosen from Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo. Word is that the fair may switch from Regent’s ...full story

16th October 2008

Elite Olympic sport was lavished with more than £235 million of public money in the four years to Beijing, which works out at more than £12 million per gold ...full story

15th October 2008

The offensive article was authored by Yuan Weishi, a noted historian at Zhongshan University in Guangzhou. Yuan expressed his dismay on reading some of ...full story

8th October 2008

Perhaps the most visible indicator of just how commercial the scene has become is Beijing’s 798 art district. With hundreds of galleries — some reaching ...full story

8th October 2008

The arts are not exempt; “the magnitude is difficult to imagine,” says Wu Hung of the boom in galleries and art centers. He characterizes Beijing’s art ...full story

6th October 2008

I’ma UK-born artist of Armenian descent who’s been living in Hong Kong for many years. I came there by accident, and was able to make enough money, ...full story

5th October 2008

... left, and Soonjung Hong are scheduled to return to Korea after Tuesday's artists reception at Grand Valley State University's Art Gallery. ...full story

3rd October 2008

Raku originated in the 14th or 15th century in Japan. An artist would make an item and put it in a hot kiln and then pull it out and quench it in water. ...full story

29th September 2008

In the US, the series is called Art Style, and the first game in the series is called Orbient, based on Orbital from the original portable series. ...full story

28th September 2008

RIDING THE Shinkansen Bullet Train out of Tokyo along the eastern industrial corridor towards Osaka has long been one of the best and most pleasurable ways ...full story

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